2 thoughts on “…does this mean the manuresphere is dead?

  1. AD’s blog, Playing the Devils Advocate, was suspended by WordPress. It wasn’t me. I didn’t file a complaint but somebody must have.

    Not sure why WordPress bothered to suspend it. Hardly anyone was reading it. I came to think AD was writing it just for me.

    1. Haha, I shouldn’t laugh cause censorship sucks…

      Lots of blogs have been taken down recently. The TOS is always subject to the whims of whomever interprets it. IDK if someone files a complaint or the busybodies look for something to be offended by. As far as readers, it had over a million views, so that’s significant.

      On another note, Mikey, you interpreted my blog as doing as little work as possible to get by which isn’t a wrong observation per se. But more an incomplete observation. My take is the world is about exploiting you so better to not be so invested in it and give it as little as you can. I thought AD’s take was the world is exploiting you so figure out how to exploit others worse than you are being exploited. I presume both outlooks would get us enemies, but I’d also presume AD had more enemies. (Though I did piss off the white nationalists and their “honary aryan” supporters.)

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