Why was it so easy for the Alt-Reich to Infiltrate MGTOW?

As I’ve watched MGTOW degenerate into a bunch of crybabies who (ironically) think they are better than everyone else, the question that has to be asked, why was it so easy for the Alt-Reich to infiltrate MGTOW?

For example, if a dude really swore of marriage and decided that he had given up on the provider/protector role, why would he care about the “rapes in Cologne” ™ ???

If that dubious shit even happened, it would be an issue for feminism and not MGTOW. But the feminazi’s were mysteriously silent. And it’s not like feminazi’s to be mysteriously silent as they whine and cry about how EVERYTHING triggers them.

When the Alt-Reichers whine and cry about about “white genocide” ™ MGTOW’s response should’ve been to laugh at them, not sympathize.

My understanding was that Ziggy Stardusk couldn’t get a white chick, not even a fat one. So he went to Korea where he got in an abusive relationshit with an Asian broad. Then he moved to Germany and now he e-begs for donations while crying about the muzzies. I bet he spends some of that e-begged money on Eastern European hookers: http://s.telegraph.co.uk/graphics/projects/welcome-to-paradise/ If you gave him money thinking you were “helping men” and he transferred his wealth right to womyn, well, were you cuck’d??? Enquiring minds wanna know…whitegenocidescam

…why are so many MGTOW’s and M(h)RA’s avidly pro-prostitution???

Okay, so let me start off by saying the gist of this post is not to shame a 25 year old virgin who wanted to see what sex was like and then paid a hooker. And, it’s not even the point to shame a dude who very rarely, like maybe less than three times a year bangs a prostitute. But for the dudes that could have an IRA as fat as Matt Forney if they didn’t bang hookers every other weekend, what the fuck are ya doing? Let’s get another thing clear, I absolutely do not believe the government should regulate morality and believe that drugs should be 100% legal. With that line of thought, the government should not care what two consenting adults decide to do. So on a political level I guess I support the legalization of prostitution, just no where near as avidly as I support drug legalization. And another thing, I do not believe that women should be forced into prostitution, just as I don’t feel that men should be forced into military conscription.

The question begs to be asked why so many MGTOW’s and M(h)RA’s are so avidly pro-prostitution? They have arguments like “if it was legal, you wouldn’t have another Elliot Rodgers.” They conveniently forget that it is legal in Nevada but it is expensive, so only rich farts like Elliot could afford it anyways.

In the most literal sense, paying a hooker is the definition of transferring wealth from men to women. So why are MGTOW’s and M(h)RA’s so gung-ho (haha, get it hoe, I almost made a pun) about this?

…it is ironic watching liberals celebrate a broken form of libertarianism…

…okay, on one level Alex Jones is a odious individual. I should be happy seeing him deplatformed. He wouldn’t hesitate for two seconds to throw a low status man such as myself under the bus if it could help him sell his bogus “male enhancement” pills. He is willing to destroy peoples lives with allegations of pedophilia without any evidence whatsoever. He is a scumbag, an asshole, a grifter and a liar.

Ana Kasparian, a liberal feminist does hate Alex Jones. She has even body shamed him by calling him a “fat fuck.” No slander there, it sure looks like the only cardio that guy does is outrunning David Futrelle and Matt Forney to the all you can eat buffet. But I digress…

“Private businesses can take action against us for saying anything they disagree with.”

This statement is technically true. However, I find it ironic that liberals are celebrating a “libertarian” talking point. This is the “get off my grass young man” “property rights” argument libertarians rally on and on about. It is understandable that liberals are happy seeing someone they can’t stand being silenced. However, it is strange to see them (even if briefly) mention a libertarian talking point. Liberals usually want more government regulation and in the case of tech companies, I personally think this is long overdue as these companies are essentially monopolies. Weather it was an oversight, sloppy thinking or intellectual dishonesty, Ana didn’t bring up that point. Let’s put this another way. If I go to Burger King and they refuse me service, I can walk across the street and get a strikingly similar product at McDonalds. Or, too use a more politically loaded example, if Jack Donovan wants a cake with pink swastikas for his NPI afterparty and a Jewish baker refuses, he can whine and cry “homophobia” and go across the street and have another baker (perhaps also Jewish or maybe another denomination) bake him a cake with pink swastikas.

Essentially, this is “broken libertarianism” because one of the key ideas in the libertarian pipe dream is that the free market will solve everything. Well, when you have monopolies, brotha, you ain’t got no free market. I find it strange that the “libertarian tough guys” were blind to this and also that the so-called SJW’s seem to be blind to this.

Tech companies operate in a unique space where they are almost like the post office and almost like a telecommunications company. To put it another way, in the most literal sense, Alex Jones’s “freedom of speech” is not being impinged upon but he is not being allowed access to the printing press. To put this in a language that even the “libertarian tough guys” who shat all over at sheddingoftheego.com can understand: Alex Jones is wealthy enough to order a sports car, he is even allowed to get a license from the oppressive collectivist state allowing him to drive. And he is even allowed to operate a tiny little oil rig in his backyard and process it into gasoline (Thanks Trumpster for loosening up those evillle environmentalist laws.) However, now that he is fueled up, and I mean both his sports car and his fat belly with rum cuz that’s what real men do, right??? Well, now that he is a rarrin’ to GO, BABY GO! Ya know what, he can’t. Because the 5 tech companies that own the 5 roadways that go into his little compund in Texas decided to block hime from going down the roadway. And, y’know what else, they also decided to block little start up companies that would build new roadways. They paid those gosh darn lobbyists in ca$h and got them good ‘ole boys some smokin’ hot transvestite hookers str8 from Guadalajara. So now Alex Jones has to call up UBER, but oh, wait, UBER is in on the game too. Hell, fat Alex can’t even ride his bicycle down those roads (not that he’s in any shape to do that anyways.) And as much as a scumbag as AJ may be, well, he never got a trial. He just got boxed in for reasons. Yeah, you don’t like AJ, I don’t like AJ and Ana doesn’t like AJ. But if they can do that to him, they can do that to you. So everyone is missing the bigger point. The tech companies basically run the game. You mighta liked the choice they made today but maybe you won’t like whatever they decide to do tomorrow or next week. And unless something is done to open up the competition, it’s really not gonna change.

And you know what else, all those paranoid dudes that love Alex Jones? Now he’s not just the Reverend Alex Jones. He is Alex Jones the Goddamned, Motherfucking Martyr. They are all sitting there saying, “He must have some secret they can’t let him reveal, that why they picked on poo’ ‘lil Alex. That’s why the motherfuckers deplatformed him.” It might not be rational, but it makes sense if y’know what I’m trying to say.

For no other reason than I like this song and the hipster irony y’all of hating Youtube but fucking loving content on Youtube…

…avoid anyone into bdsm, especially “findoms”…

Okay, luckily I’ve had little real life contact with sickos into BDSM. Unfortunately, these lowlifes have contacted me online (yes online is a dangerous place.)  Two of these weirdos even posted on this blog in the comments.  I’m glad I will most likely never meet them IRL.

As a low status man, I have been told never,ever hit a womyn, even in self defense.  BDSM sickos will basically say you are not a real man unless you hit a womyn (with a safe word of course.)  And they will go further and say you aren’t a real man unless  you let a womyn hit you. And not only that, for the “privilege” of being a puncher/punching bag, you can pay more than to see a doctor…


This creep thinks “liberating men’s sexuality” means castrating us, punching us and turning us into “pay pigs.”


It’s no wonder it is endorsed by bigots who hate low status men, err, I man empowerrd feminist wimyn.


I guess the scamming is so prevalent, dommes sell advice the way puatards call themselves “anti-pua” and pretend they are the truth telles..


I’ve always had a sick feeling in my stomach when it came to lecherous feMRA’s like Typhone Blue And Girl Writes What.

but I guess it gets worse…

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….MGTOW went very, very wrong….

Okay, so this is just retreading old news.  What was a good idea, don’t get married and don’t have your life revolve around pu$$y got taken over by a bunch of narcissistic and dishonest loudmouths like Barbarrossa and  Stardusk.  They couldn’t stand up to the libertarian tough guys.  This is why you rarely see “mgtow’s” critical of big tech companies who are now for all intents and purposes “regulating free speech.”

If the libertarian tough guys weren’t so hellbent on talking down to everyone and shitting all over low status men, then a new message would’ve emerged.  “Guard your utility.”  This would mean examining male disposability and refusing military service/working in law enforcement.   It is not just women who want to extract as much utility from low status men and then throw them away like a used condom. It is also governments and other “men.”  But this is a truth that can’t be spoken around the libertarian tough guys who pollute men’s issues spaces and turn them into sewers.  The libertarian tough guys ruined MGTOW in a similar way that Elam’s harpies GWW and Judgy Bitch ruined the MRM.

…the content creators paradox…

…okay, without reviews, Yelp wouldn’t be shit…

…without videos, Youtube wouldn’t be shit.

So why do content creators put up with these lousy tech companies?

The simple answer is they don’t have a choice…

…now, no one is forcing you to write a Yelp review and, in fact, you could also leave a review on Google or in place of Yelp if you were so inclined…

Video content is something else, yeah, I guess you could use Vimeo if you wanted.  Good luck with that though…

So “content creators” are using platforms that are essentially their only outlet for a specific type of content.  Well, you can already see the dangers.  If Youtube doesn’t like your content, they can ban it.  If Youtube decides to demonitize your content, you are shit outta luck.  So if you rely on Youtube to host content, you are adding risk into your formula.

The irony of this whole situation is that content creators are relatively powerless to remedy this but Youtube needs these creators.

If MGTOW weren’t a bunch of narcissistic swindlers they would tell other men to guard their utility from slimy governments and sociopathic women who only see them as disposable commodities. I think content creators would do well to adopt this type of attitude towards ruthless tech companies.

#Mepoop continues to unravel…

Whelp, it looks like that lecherous old pervert Asia Argento couldn’t keep her hands to herself and had to touch a young actor who played her son.  Hot for Teacher jokes aside, I mean it wasn’t like a well aged dimepiece like Nina Headey  introduced a young man to fun stuff, it’s more like “the monster” Harvey Weinstein saying “What can you do for me, you want a career, donchya???”  Of course no-talent hack Rose McGowan is demanding we “be gentle” ™ –of course if a 42 year old man looked at an attractive 17 year old woman, er, girl with even the slightest hint of lust in his gaze, the feminist hate movement would be demanded he be hung by his testicles whilst saying “all men are like that…”

I’m tired of the hypocrisy of these disgusting fuckers…




…my loose, tangental thoughts on Alex “the man with the biggest manboobs in texas” Jones’s “banning”/”deplatforming…”

Advocatus Diaboli’s favorite liberal voices his opinion (irony of all irony, on Youtube, hahaha…)

I’ve already spoken about ideas directly related to this already…



When Miggytoes migrated to Youtube, I predicted trouble.  I thought the content would be taken down.  Something else happened, narcissistic egos’ beat out rational thinking and it was a race to the bottom with sleazy used car salesmanship mixed with intellectual dishonesty.  I swear those dudes were all failed PUA’s with the way they spoke.  So Youtube is indirectly responsible for the downfall of MGTOW but for different reasons than what I thought would happen…

I’ve never used Fakebook, looks like that place is a scam to data mine ya…

And spotify, fuck that shit.  It rips off musicians left and right

Apple used to make great computers. They were the go to for filmmakers, artists and musicians.  However, they’ve gotten worse over the years.  Unless you are trapped into using proprietary software like Logic to record with, you can likely buy more processing power for less dough with a pc. And Apple, in all their infinite wisdom has been removing the ports that many people into recording music need.

Now another thing indirectly related to this, these companies profit by selling their stuff for very low margins.  Just think, if you go into Best Buy, the salesman will try to upsell you other items such as warranties if you buy an ipad.  You know why? Because he doesn’t make shit from selling an expensive product.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is playing a similar game

In my opinion, these tech companies have too much power….

I’m no fan of Alex Jones but why should a crooked tech company tell me I can’t listen to his crazy rantings???

We live in a fucked up place when dudes like Alex Jones and Larry Flynt are the proponents of free speech…



…and the piss bottle doth overfloweth…

“um, it’s not, uh, you, um, it’s, it’s m..me…”

Hahaha, I’ve broken up with the third party company that contracts to the richest guy in the world.

I don’t know what specifically pushed me over the edge.  Was it the “morning standup” where the Brand Ambassadors talked to us like we were fucking criminals?  Was it the long hours? Was it the low pay with no understanding of how some routes actually were? I really don’t know but I do know I didn’t want to do it anymore.

You may have heard how the richest guy in the world’s servers crashed on Prime Day.  What you may not have heard about was that the app we use to do deliveries also crashed that day.  I was doing rescues that day.  Rescues are when one driver helps another driver who is falling behind and delivers some of their packages so they can get back on track.  I was instructed to take pictures of each delivery.  I only needed google maps to get me in the general area and then I was able to figure out the routing on my own.

The next day, during the Goolag Interrogation, um, morning stand-up, the Brand Ambassador didn’t even say something like “Good job, I know you dealt with some technical problems on the road.”  They tried showing a “funny” video where an undertrained driver screws up a delivery and berate us not to  “mess up.”  It was hilarious when their wifi wasn’t working and they had to cut the video short.  And then they had us do a bunch of stretches.  I don’t suppose they do this incase a worker gets injured on the job that they can say “Um, I guess that idiot just didn’t do their morning stretches like the rest of us.” And when you are using the GPS on their app an annoying screen comes up that says something along the lines of “Keep your eyes on the road you worthless idiot!” in legaleaze just so they can wash their hands if any one of us “idiots” has a wreck on the road. Of course you have to touch the screen to get ride of that dismissive message. Yo, hands free drivin’ y’all-NOT!!!!

On my final day (yes, I gave notice) the Brand Ambassador berated a bunch of drivers who quit for being “weak.” Gee, is “weak” corporate speak for underpaid??? They also mentioned the package count would be slightly lower than usual because about 30 warehouse people called out the night before.  Methinks this might be the start of some sort of “collective bargaining.”  Of course my packages were all fucked up.  I waited an additional 45 minutes to leave the station because I thought I was missing three or four bags.  Dispatch gave me the green light and I started my route a bit late.  I later found they were mixing bags.  Each bag is “supposed” to be a section of the route. It has a 4 digit tag, for example 3456.  The next one (when they are in order, and they often aren’t) would be 3458.  I would organize my truck so when I pull a bag, I know it is the next group of stops.  Then I would organize the packages on the front seat and envelopes on the dashboard of the van.  So, I discovered that the bags were really disorganized and the bags I thought were missing were actually mixed in to other bags.  Sorting this out cost me at least another hour.  Dispatch called me back to the warehouse as I was on the last bag.  I let him know I could get the last few stops done before dark as I solved the worst of my problems before that.  He still told me to come back with the packages.  Maybe I was about to hit double overtime?  I had to check in with a Brand Amabssador.  I expected he was going to blame me but I calmly explained that my bags were mixed and it made getting everything out on time allot tougher.  Surprisingly he admitted that the bags weren’t supposed to be mixed.

Okay, now that my rant is over, I suppose it is my “duty” as a blogger to talk about the “deplatforming of Alex “The biggest manboobs in Texas” Jones, the corruption of feMRA Horney Badgers or how another creepy male feminist extraordinaire is facing accusations of sexual impropriety.  And on that last one, am I suppose to say that “everyone is entitled to due process” or, I hope the fucker burns because his hatred of low status men has likley pushed more than one suffering man to suicide.  I don’t know, but as time goes by, the blogsphere grips me less and less.  I’m just surprised that some of you guys leave flyby comments after all these beers, eh, years…

Alexa, tell the richest man in the world to lend me $500!!!