…the paradox of “MGTOW”…

Okay, we’ve seen feminist make comments along the line of “If MGTOW are really going their own way, why don’t they, like, ride their motorcycle into the sunset and stop complaining endlessly about “going their own way.”

The retort so-called MGTOW give is that they need to warn other men about the dangers of marriage.

Now as someone who has spent far too much time reading this stew of resentment known as “the MGTOW community,” I feel like saying that I didn’t turn against them because of what feminists said.  I didn’t turn against them because of what M(h)RA’s said.  I didn’t turn against them because I think marriage or cohabitation is a good idea.  It turned against them, well, because of them.  I don’t even think that Stardusk or Barbarossa are interested in creating content that helps low status men.  I’ve seen the “libertarian tough guy” comments go unchallenged where all the Silicon Valley Software programmers with their six figure salaries describe an “ideal” society where three year olds would be left to starve in the streets.  C’mon man, even a pack of stray dogs has more morality than you guys.

Now onto their talk of women.  If they really were going their own way, after a certain point, would they need to talk about women?  I mean, I’ve never had a woman try to shove a ring on my finger, so it’s pretty easy to stay unmarried.  But I’m sure it’s just because I am not as tall and handsome as Ziggy Stardusk and BarBarabroski who get hit on with marriage propsals every time they walk out the door.  There is something potentially liberating about a MGTOW lifestyle.  You realize that you don’t need as much cash as the guy next to you because you aren’t paying for dates.  You don’t need a fancy ride or fancy clothes to impress women.  You don’t drop cash at stripper clubs or visit hookers.  So, that means you can work less hours or put that extra cash into cool shit like guns and guitar amplifiers.  You free up time.  You can do other things than chase women and hang out with pussyhounds discussing “notches.”

So why are so-called MGTOW spaces so obsessed with talking about women?  I understand the dangers of marriage.  I understand that I should avoid drunk women.  I understand that I should never make a joke that seems innocent around a female co-worker.  But you go to a MGTOW forum and these guys seem more girl crazy than an 80’s rock band like Van Halen.  There are tons of other forums where guys congregate where they hardly talk about women.  They talk about guns, they talk about guitars, they talk about music recording, they talk about psychedelic drugs.  So aren’t these guys (even if they are married) more going their own way than “MGTOW’s?” The impression I get is most these guys are failed PUA’s or punters/mongers.  These guys are as obsessed with women as the stormfront doofuses are obsessed with Jews.  Wouldn’t one think that after a certain point, they’d have other things to talk about?  Wouldn’t they choose to be asexual if such a thing were as simple as flicking a switch?

Again, I am not disputing a certain aspect of MGTOW or discussions that things can be dangerous for low status men in modern society.  I am not questioning the assaults on MGTOW from feminists and M(h)RA’s who hate low status men.  What I am questioning is the sincerity of the guys who call themselves MGTOW.

A case study on why liberals are so despicable: Bill Maher


Take a look at his finger wagging, you didn’t vote for crooked Hillary, now we have evil Donald:


Quite frankly, Trump may be the worst President we ever had but y’know, this halfbreeed thinks Hillary would’ve been even worse…

Hahaha, I’m not a fan of the whole “white privilege” diatribe, and, infact if the alt-right has done one good thing, it is attack that narrative.  (Yes, you actually heard me compliment the alt-right, what’s this fucking world coming too.)

However, apparently, if you are part of the Hollyweird elite, there’s one set of books for you and another set of books for everyone else…






Obviously this doofus is unable to be “schooled” even after letting Ice Cube (a man who made a career using the word whitey ain’t allowed to say) berate him…

This N Korean thing is getting tense! I mean, I think it is, I’m on vaca. The ladies at my nail salon are freaking out, that’s what I know!”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Creepy Bill just luvvs Asian womyn.

And as unmanly as ‘lil Bill seems, he doesn’t seem meterosexual enough to get his nails done.  Haha, maybe “nail salon” is a euphemism for “massage parlor” and maybe he pays lots for those “happy endings.”

….are you triggered???


okay, so apparently there is this metal-core band with this video…


Personally, I don’t think it’s very good music but the video is kinda funny…

What is even funnier is watching how these alt-reichtards are so easily triggered…

it’s like watching a creepy feminist cry about another womyn’s video:

Look at what a bunch of hypocritical crybabies these alt-right butt boi’s are:

“Violence is the gold standard, the reserve that guarantees order. In actuality, it is better than a gold standard, because violence has universal value. Violence transcends the quirks of philosophy, religion, technology and culture. People say that music is a universal language, but a punch in the face hurts the same no matter what language you speak or what kind of music you prefer. If you are trapped in a room with me and I grab a pipe and gesture to strike you with it, no matter who you are, your monkey brain will immediately understand “or else what.”  And thereby, a certain order is achieved.”

-Jack Donovan…


then he says…

“A man of Spencer’s provenance could be spending his days making personal calls from his office at some high-status, low responsibility job, and his evenings doing coke in the bathroom as he parties with models at museum fundraisers. He doesn’t have to do anything. He’s basically Bruce Wayne.

Instead, he has a vision and stands up for it in public. It makes him no money and lowers his social status. He gets run out of gym after gym by notoriety-seeking professional virtue signalers. He’s been publicly denounced by almost everyone who ever supported him outside of his community of Alt-Right intellectuals. He is routinely attacked in public, and major celebrities and newspapers have hypocritically agreed that while violence is theoretically always wrong, it is totally OK to punch Dick Spencer. Meanwhile, Spencer has never attacked anyone or committed a “hate crime” and having met him on several occasions I am certain that he thinks “hate crimes” are the pointless, counterproductive and insufferably plebeian efforts of infantile crackpots. (On this, we absolutely agree.)”


Bruce Wayne, uh no big bubba, err, Jackie D.  Bruce Wayne was quite adapt in the art of self defense or so the story goes. So, tough guy, it’s violence when it suits you but when someone else uses that same standard, you cry like a liberal.  Now, I am no fan of the antifa and I think ultimately they are as corrosive to freedom and meritocracy as is the identarian alt right.  Now the first thing, is a film or comic book depicting violence actually advocating violence?  Do these alt right sissies actually think I will go on a killing spree after I played a round of Gears of War?  Sounds as outrageous as some creepy feminist worrying that some “incel” dude will become a rape machine after watching porno.  And so many feminists condescendingly think they are better than you because they are into S&M.  Remember S&M is violence disguised as sex.  Maybe feminists and the alt-right harbor violence in their hearts but do not have the courage to use it themselves.  And maybe they project this onto others.  But then again, the alt-right and feminists may be capable of violence, therefore, they are best avoided.  (And one has the right to fully defend oneself against a hideous individual who attacks them.)




…the tough questions…

If you haven’t noticed by now, Richard Spencer is just as slimy as a career politician like Hillary Clinton or a male feminist like Hugo Schwyzer….

When condescending liberals cried that he was punched,  I personally laughed.  I always figured that he was covertly advocating violence through a “white ethnostate.”  As I said before, somehow I don’t think that he would give me a million bucks to relocate peacefully. More than likely it would involve a shotgun to the face in the middle of the night.  Why should I care if someone who was willing to do that to me was sucker-punched?

Now, for the longest time, I think the media, liberals and conservatives have been getting it wrong about this creep, but I have finally seen him called out:

“I don’t expect any drama,” Murphy said. “I just want to see what the vibe is like.” The last time I’d been with him, after a pre-Inauguration party called the DeploraBall, he and Spencer had nearly come to blows. “If Cernovich hadn’t broken it up, I would have beaten the shit out of him,” Murphy told me. “I kept asking him simple questions, and he wouldn’t answer. He wants to create a white ethno-state. O.K., how does he propose to make that happen, exactly? Forced expulsions? I wanted to make him admit either that he doesn’t have a plan or that his plan is too fucking unpalatable to even speak about in public.”


We saw Milo Y defeated when he uttered in his own disgusting words.  We won’t win against the “alt-right” with emotional arguments.  They need to hang themselves with their own words. They shall either be exposed as PUA level con artists selling snake-oil wrapped in resentment or they will be shown as murder hungry racists.  So it is essential journalists and others ask the tough questions and don’t let them weasel out of answering.bathhouse donandy-anglin-identity-politics-is-the-religion-of-those-too-weak-to-survive-in-a-meritocracylibtards

…no remorse…

okay, listen to this…



he says he doesn’t want to sound like a “victim” all the while obfuscating the fact he robbed someone at gunpoint…

“On Nov. 11, 2007, only a month home from his second tour in Iraq and after a night of drinking, Nathan held a gun to cab driver Changiz Ezzatyar’s head and robbed him of $43.”


Notice one thing that is never in any of what he says-remorse.

So is this guy gaslighting?  A full on narcissist? Remember one of the cornerstone’s of alt-reich thinkers is that they are “superior” because of “HBD” and better impulse control.  Doesn’t seem like this guy has that.  Let’s expose these fuckers for the scumbags they are.

The Alt-Reich is built on a house of cards…

It’s quite entertaining to watch this “fallout” between the “alt-right” and the “alt-lite.”

Apparently the simplest division can be that the “alt-lite” believes in nationalism based on “western culture.” Now one is going down a rabbit hole if they try to define “western culture.”  There may be academic definitions and personal ones.  Is Mozart part of “western culture?”  I suppose.  But is Tchaikovsky?  I’m no scholar, so I don’t know.  Are Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung “western philosophers?”  Is Friedrich Nietzsche? I’m not sure.  And I’m not sure if “western culture” needs saving or is even worth saving.

Now on the side of the “alt-right,” they believe in nationalism based on race. Hahaha. Maybe you can already see this “house of cards” that is about to fall.  The question becomes whom is white?  Is Kim K with her big derrière? Is Nina Byzantina, Dickie Spencer’s estranged wife a white woman?  Just remember the Nazi’s didn’t consider Slav’s aryan.   Imagine that, Dickie Spencer’s daughter may be mixed race.  Essentially a mut like me, hahahahaha.  That’s if it s even his daughter.  With that lisp and those NPI afterparty’s, there’s a good chance that Nina had to, ahem, get a sperm sample from another man.  And maybe Dickie says “cuck” all the time because of some form of psychological projection. Heck, at one time Finns with blonde hair and blue eyes were considered Mongols and not whites.  And Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz sure look like white girls too me. Okay, so building a movement on “whiteness” is about as clever as building a movement on “phrenology,” “HBD,” “game,” or any other pseudoscience.  Let’s blow over their house of cards and expose them for the fraudulent idiots they are!

HBD as a precusor to violence…

Alright, we all know HBD is pseudoscience, so why does the alt-right hold on to this as a core belief of their topsy turvy “ideology?” My hypothesis is this, if they can say a certain group of men are less than human–and with the alt-reich, it is men that are the target of their racism. Well, if they can say that, then the next step is for them to convince society that these men do not need to be treated as human beings and can be hunted down and murdered without reprisal.

Do you really think that when some scuzzball like Dickie Spencer talks about a white eth-No-state that he would hand a guy like me a million bucks to relocate anywhere I wanted?  He might not explicitly say it but we all know whats more likely to happen is that I would be forced to leave my place of residence with the business end of a shotgun in my face.

Look at what Dickie’s NPI lapdog, Jagoff Donovan writes:

“Violence is the gold standard, the reserve that guarantees order. In actuality, it is better than a gold standard, because violence has universal value. Violence transcends the quirks of philosophy, religion, technology and culture. People say that music is a universal language, but a punch in the face hurts the same no matter what language you speak or what kind of music you prefer. If you are trapped in a room with me and I grab a pipe and gesture to strike you with it, no matter who you are, your monkey brain will immediately understand “or else what.”  And thereby, a certain order is achieved.”

Big Bubba, er, Jack Donovan finishes this dozy with:

“It’s time to quit worrying and learn to love the battle axe. History teaches us that if we don’t, someone else will.”

You really gotta be disturbed when these liberals who care about you less than the fetus that got aborted yesterday tell you that guns are bad.  You gotta worry when they tell you that you shouldn’t be armed.  Just mossy on over to Stormfront, you think those guys don’t visit the shooting range? You think those guys don’t sharpen knives without fantasising about slicing open human flesh? If you believe the lies that liberals tell then you probably actually believe feminism is about “equality.”