…can I divorce my family…

…well, basically I got an email from my sister saying that I’m a “bag of shit” and even more selfish than my father. The first insult hurts but the second one not so much. I am selfish but that’s what I had to do to survive.

I’d tell more details but no one really gives a fuck and I don’t wanna be the off white trash comedy hour of the blogosphere.

Luckily I’m in a different state and hopefully never have to see any of them again.

Maybe I’ll change my last name and get a new birth certificate.

Maybe in the rare times I go to bars and someone actually talks to me, I’ll tell ’em my family was murdered by a serial killer and I watched them get chopped up while I hid under the table. Haha, maybe that’ll get me a free beer.

What are they gonna do? Write me outta the will? Oh, well, maybe I’ll lose 150 k (in debt that is.)

Here’s some music I like to crank when I’m pissed…