RIP Prince

He shreds here:

I remember watching the video to “When Doves Cry.” I was a little kid then.  My parents used to slap each other around, mutually combative as those M(h)RA’s love to say.  In the video, Prince’s parents fight.  He gets to escape a crappy home life.  He rides off on his motorcycle with a pretty lady.  I didn’t get to escape a crappy homelife then.  I was a bit envious as I watched him.  I thought he was a badass.  RIP Prince.

It will be funny watching them eat their “own”

This video is funny…


As I’ve mentioned before, where I grew up Irish guys were called Mics, Italians were called Daygos and Whops, and there were tons of jokes about Polish submarines with screen doors.  And if you want to antagonize some neo-nazi’s, it’s always fun dropping links questioning their Fuhrer’s lineage. I remember when Cuck Rudd and his band of Gucci Little Piggies were covering the Martin/Zimmerman debacle, Zimmerman was an honorary white dude.  And while they would pontificate about a pseudo science called HBD they were also avid followers of the religion “game.”  They would talk of it in the revered tones that Star Wars Jedi’s would talk about “the force.”  Their heroes were Heartiste, alleged bankster jew and Roosh V an Armenian/Iranian who realllly wants “race realist” white dudes to like him.  For awhile it seemed to be working, but with the “raypes in Colgne” ™  allot of alt reichers withdrew support.  Funny how they do the supposed job of feminist’s when anything bad might happen to a white womyn but when boys are being hurt, they are mysteriously silent.  cuckforney

Maybe they don’t want to offend their allies


It’s a pretty broken group of “Paleo Conservatives,” “Scientific Racists,”  “White Nationalists,”  failed “womanizers,” “right leaning androphiles,” feMRA’s,” “trad-cons who cuss,”  “get rich quick shysters,” and other assorted loony tunes.  About the only thing they seem to have as a cohesive ideology is that those with darker skin are less human than them and deserve poor treatment.  In fact, I think the only group more fearful of a true meritocracy than feminists would be these shitheads. Y’know what though, as their “ideology” falls apart and they attack one another, I’ll watch with the same amusement as I watched a “male feminist” who gleefully threw low status men under the buss gets attacked womyn who hate men but call it “teh patriarchy dahrling.”


Well, any fuckers who keep up with this blog have seen that I’m pretty frustrated with the “tough guy” “libertarian” MGTOW because they just seem a little to close to the alt right for my tastes….

Does this mean I am going to marry a sex positive feminist while she goes to sex parties and I play video games and work 60 hours a week?  Sorry, I’m not a PUA, I ain’t tough enough to do that.  So I guess all the tough guys would put me in the True Forced Loneliness end of things.  And I am most certainly not virulent enough to be shouted down by real men like Dean Esmay and called a PigTOW.

So I am forming my own clique…

It is PoopTOW.

PoopTOW 4 lyfe!!!!!!!!!

Is this dude an M(h)RA or a Male Feminist…


hahaha, maybe it’s all the psychedelics I’ve done but lately it’s getting harder to tell whose an Alt Riecher and whose a “right wing” MGTOW.  I’m also finding it difficult to figure out whose a feminist and whose an M(h)RA….

So this guy thinks decriminalization of prostitution is a good thing.  Well, if it leads to decriminalization of drugs it’s a great thing in my book.  He even brings up a “choice” argument where he mentions a coal miner.  Yeah, why is that guy in a fucking mine?  Money baybeee….  He comes this close to mentioning male disposability, but he doesn’t.

hahahaha, he says c*nt…..

are feminists allowed to say c.u.n.t.????   I know M(h)RA’s love to say the big C word…

He has a manly beard, I give him that, not the scruffy male feminist beard with horn rim glasses.  Bro do you even lift???  Alright, alright, I won’t go there.  (Mountainbiking would probably be better for him, but I’ll stop the eville body shaming.)

“Do you advocate for soldiers to do their governement’s bidding when they come back with PTSD?”

Well, personally I don’t think men should sign up for the US Warmachine….

He does though…

Anyways, well any guy who hangs out with feminists, you are kind of like Milo Y or Roosh V begging the alt reich to like you when they hate fag kikes and sand niggers.  (PC Police go flip out somewhere else, he already said CUNT and I am just saying what the alt reich says behind closed doors when they don’t talk about HBD and Race Realism like they do on their blogs.)





anyways, I’m pretty glad I’ll never meet an of you sick fuckers in real life…

How to deal with insults…

….well, I suppose I must issue a “trigger warning” for all you “libertarian” “tough guys.”  If you actually use my “advice” be ready to use your fists….

If some dude calls you a fag, just say,

“To bad for me I ain’t because I heard you give the best head ever and broads are drama.  You fucking gays have it so easy you don’t even know it .”

If you are virgin shamed, say,

“Almost.  Goddamned good thing for the tag team of your mom and sister.  In fact, I think I was raped, hahaha.”

It’s funny, I worked with a sleazy, racist Mexican dude who would always brag what a pussy hound he was.  When I would stay quiet, he’d always say I must be a virgin.  One time he said that, all the guys started laughing and I said the “your mom and sister” bit.  He was in a huff  and said to never say that to a Mexican again because that was quite the insult.  I just laughed and said, “what’re ya gonna beat me up?  The only thing you can beat is your verga-with a pair of tweezers.”  Everyone was laughing at him.  If he was a white dude, I’m sure his face woulda been red as a stop sign.  He avoided me for a few days, it was great.


….minimum wage and male competition….

You may have seen things like “the fight for fifteen” or other “living wage” proposals….

If someone is making $15 per hour, full time, that gets them to 30k a year.  Depending on where they live, an okay apartment, a used car and maybe enough money to build a small savings fund and see a movie.  I’ve seen many in the man-o-sphere ferocious about this…

Articles like this are common:

If these guys aren’t business owners who hire low wage workers, such as a pizza shop, why should they care?  Besides, don’t these guys run scammy online businesses without employees???

My best guess is, despite all their talk about “game,” they are still in a protector provider mindset.  That 38-45k job they got with their fancy colledge edjamacashun really isn’t that competitive anymore to the guy making 30k or maybe 40k with some OT.  And the other guy doesn’t have student loans eating up his paycheck….

Yeah, I think they’re just afraid of competition.  Probably similar to why they get mad when a dude scores with hot chicks by paying prostitutes.  Ironic that they would talk about “morals” when they brag about “gaming” drunk women at bars.