will “opium dens” return???

Did you know that “hipster” is said to derive from the position that opium users would recline in at opium dens?  Opium dens have long since disappeared and while the US faces an opioid crisis, one would not easily find the opium of William Burroughs time.

Okay, so I have very little experience with opioids and in fact have only used them legally.  I did not like how I would sleep for ten hours, not recall any drams and wake up even more exhausted than when I went to bed.

However, I’ve been thinking that mixed with “virtual reality” a new type of opioid den could appear.  People might immerse themselves in VR for 10-12 hours at a time.  They might use a sedative to make the hours “fly by” and perhaps a hallucinogen not much more powerful than marijuana to make the experience more intense.  And they may even be floating in a sensory deprivation tank.  One may wonder how they would prepare themselves as far as “restroom” breaks.  Would they poop themselves or take some kind of enema before the experience?  The drugs as well as nutrients could be administered via a slow IV drip.  Many drugs are currently illegal, but where there is profit, pharmacy companies soon follow.  They may engineer drugs that the government wouldn’t consider illegal.  And if the government did make one illegal, they could revise the formula so that it would now be legal.  Perhaps drugs that are now illegal may be legal in a few years.

One may speculate that this trend may start with well heeled libertarian tough guys like Joe Rogan .  Then, just as cell phones “spilled on down” to the masses, this could too.  Would bachelor men escape into a world of VR?  Would feminists and tradcons yell and scream about how “unproductive” these guys are? Or would it be mainstream?  Would it be possible to use this educationally?  Imagine if one could learn to play a musical instrument.  Six months immersed in VR may allow someone to progress the same as ten years.  Maybe someone could spend a few months in virtual reality training and be more prepared for a new job than someone who spent years in college.  Who knows how this could go…

The Gr8 Satanic Nazi Debacle…

Okay guys, I’ll preface this with “I don’t know where trollbait ends and truth begins…”

However, I do think this throws a wrench into the whole “We’re just tryin’ ta save Western Kulture and you cucks are all a bunch of SJW’s who can’t handle real men/da truth/da juicey question.” That is to say that I think the alt right and alt lite are filled with mentally unstable weirdoes who are against science and meritocracy.

So here are a few links…



and of course the “Order of the 9 Angles” recommends infiltrating organizations like the Alt Reich…


and it is common knowledge that the slimy “Androphile” Big Bubba, err, Big Jackie D was a member of the Church of Satan:


Now he “rubs elbows” with White Nationalists…



dirtbag donovan.png

Now I suppose the 9th Angle dudes consider Big Jackie D to be some kind of Hollyweird impostor…

He does have a shady gang that sacrifices animals…

(not my images found via google images…)

(funny, nonetheless…)

Now I was able to find some “9th Angles” Musack, IDK if they are nazi’s or not but quite frankly, it sounds like a Game of Thrones soundtrack…

But I gotta confess, this is how I prefer my Slaytanic Werchmacht:


…for no other reason than because I test low on agreeability on JP’s pwecious big 5 test, I bring you these memes.  I just wanted to point out how all these assholes blame all their problems on low status men. And for that, I am an asshole…aMANduhcreepassschwyzerdavidfatrollfathorneedooshrooshdegeneratespencerpetercuck.png

“Enforced Monogamy?” No fucking thanks!!!

Okay, so the “gendersphere” is exploding right now because of what Jordan Peterson said to a liberal feminist.  Okay, now feminists and liberals lie all the time.  Just take a look at a bigot like David Futrelle to see how they do this.  And I am sure that they are putting “spin” on this to say things the snake oil salesman (or is JP a snake in a suit, such distinctions are, after all important) didn’t mean to say.  However, I don’t think the actual article has misquotations as JP posted a response on his own website and didn’t say he was misquoted:

“It’s been a truism among anthropologists and biologically-oriented psychologists for decades that all human societies face two primary tasks: regulation of female reproduction (so the babies don’t die, you see) and male aggression (so that everyone doesn’t die). The social enforcement of monogamy happens to be an effective means of addressing both issues, as most societies have come to realize (pair-bonded marriages constituting, as they do, a human universal (see the list of human universals here, derived from Donald Brown’s book by that name).”


He goes on to say:

“So, let’s summarize. Men get frustrated when they are not competitive in the sexual marketplace (note: the fact that they DO get frustrated does not mean that they SHOULD get frustrated. Pointing out the existence of something is not the same as justifying its existence). Frustrated men tend to become dangerous, particularly if they are young. The dangerousness of frustrated young men (even if that frustration stems from their own incompetence) has to be regulated socially. The manifold social conventions tilting most societies toward monogamy constitute such regulation.”

And, least you think I am misquoting, again, I invite you to read the whole thing…


Now, I am a bit angry and quite frankly I would like to punch Jordan Peterson in the face just like slimy Richard Spencer deserves another sucker punch.  I am not normally a violent person but this reminds me of when pieces of shit like Chuck Rudd suggested that I am a subhuman animal with poor impulse control.  Penis breath Crudd’s “theory” was because of the shade of my skin and some bullshit he read on the fraud Steve Sailer site.  JP’s “theory” is because I am male, I need a sniff of pu$$y otherwise I will revert to my true nature as a violent beast.

He goes on to say…

“That’s all.

No recommendation of police-state assignation of woman to man (or, for that matter, man to woman).

No arbitrary dealing out of damsels to incels.

Nothing scandalous (all innuendo and suggestive editing to the contrary)

Just the plain, bare, common-sense facts: socially-enforced monogamous conventions decrease male violence. In addition (and not trivially) they also help provide mothers with comparatively reliable male partners, and increase the probability that stable, father-intact homes will exist for children.”

Dude, why don’t you just recommend the legalization of prostitution?  Oh, right, because traditionalism is the bestest, just because you say so…

(And conveniently leave out all the horrible stuff that happened in the 1950’s and beforehand.)

Alright guys, just remember, “incels” aren’t pathetic because they don’t get laid.  “Incels” are pathetic because of how they voluntarily define themselves.


I don’t get to watch quite as many movies as I would like to.  I did get to see Logan and it blew me away.  It’s more like dystopian sci-fi (even though it’s only a few years in the future) than it is a “super hero” movie.  It’s depressing and dark.  And the look of it almost seems to be influenced from video games.  I guess Wolverine is the most MGTOW superhero out there.  And the movie surprised me because we get to see Wolverine and Xavier deteriorate.  So I suppose this touches on male disposability in a way most movies don’t.  And the actress who plays Wolverine’s “daughter” really knocks it outta the park.  I think she did a better job than Linda Blair did in The Excorcist. And there are “political messages” if you look for them.  I am surprised the Alt-Reich and manuresphere didn’t whine and cry about this movie the way they did about  Star Wars because quite frankly I think this movie is 10 times more subversive.  But then again the manuresphere and Alt-Reich think art and music are for sissy fayguts and real men ™ learn game and learn about mascuwinitee from Jack Don-0-van…


…A thought experiment…

We’ve been having a robust discussion about UBI in the comments and one idea I mentioned to “Incel PUA” in regards to jobs that people don’t want to do but “keep society running” was the idea of “tours of duty.”  That is that employment would last for a term of say 6 months to 2 or 3 years and after the tour, an employee would have enough cash to achieve a life goal such as travel or a new car purchased free and clear.

I was thinking that if someone offered me base expenses to maintain my lifestyle for a year plus maybe enough to enjoy a few road trips but I just couldn’t have sex, I would gladly take it.  Of course I would love the freedom of not having to report to a (micro) manager or pee into a cup to prove I’m not a bad boy superpredator ™.

Probably goes without saying that I would avoid stripper bars or “massage” places.  It might be technically within the rules that I could go to these places and still get my check but I wouldn’t want to risk a moment of temptation from a broad that gave extras and risk losing my easy cash.

Now, I know the easy answer is that me not having to clock in and take it easy while going without something I usually go without anyways is like offering a wino a wine tasking job or a gamer a game testing job.  However, I am not sure that self proclaimed “incels” or PUA types would take this offer…

What do you guys think?

The Gr8 M(h)RA Milkshake Debacle?!@*&?!


Okay, I may have made a mistake in a previous post…

“There’s an old saying from feminist’s about MRA’s. “An MRA is one blowjob away from not being an MRA.” And quite frankly, this is one time when feminist’s generally got it right. You might say that, hey, “even a broken clock is right twice a day.” But this time, they just observed an easily observable truth.”

I seem to have remembered seeing this on the hideous “manboobz” website.  They often misquote things that MRA’s, MGTOW’s and others have said.  A few of you guys were attributing this to BarBar or MRA’s.

My limited google-fu found this Paul Elam article from 2011…

“I am pretty sure I read a comment from zed over at TS not too long ago that “Most MRA’s are one blowjob away from becoming a mangina.”


I am unsure what TS refers to, maybe this site:


and Zed sounds like one of the MGTOW Manifesto trad-con dudes but that was before my time….

I’d rather admit to being wrong and figure out what is right than double down when evidence shows otherwise.  That’s something I’ve learned from watching my father and Paul Elam.  Maybe learning not what to do from the old guys is as important as learning what to do.

So if you guys got any links to ad, throw ’em in the comments…


…this guy is not a MGTOW per se…

Now I don’t know what this guy’s “gender politics” are.  He alluded to the fact that women saw his relative poverty as being a perpetual adolescent. He did say (without implicitly saying) that money was only a tool to give him what he wanted.  And that was a life playing music.

As I have mentioned, I have watched MGTOW devolve where they used to talk about “minimalism” and now they talk like (neo) liberal feminists about chasing corporate careers.  As I mentioned, I don’t know this guy’s personal politics and he might very well laugh if someone showed him MGTOW or MRA video.  But the irony is that we have now reached a point where guys who don’t label themselves MGTOW are producing far better  content for actually “Going Your Own Way” (Living the life YOU want) then anything under the (now toxic) MGTOW banner.

A fork in the road for men’s issues…

There’s an old saying from feminist’s about MRA’s.  “An MRA is one blowjob away from not being an MRA.”  And quite frankly, this is one time when feminist’s generally got it right.  You might say that, hey, “even a broken clock is right twice a day.”  But this time, they just observed an easily observable truth.  And MGTOW’s with their talk or returning “to the plantation.”  Well, truth be told, most of those guys would “go back to the plantation” in a heart beat.  I remember reading a few MGTOW blogs back in the day where guys talked about minimalistic living.  Y’know,  getting a tiny place on the edge of town, living without a car and working maybe 25 hrs a week and spending allot of time on hobbies that most would consider weird or eccentric.  You don’t see much of that talk these days.  Now these guys talk about “careers” with the same zeal as (neo) liberal feminists.  Not with the idea of working for a few years then opting out, but rather with being a cog in the machine til some broad decides they are worth marrying.  Yeah, why would so many of them be so ideologically opposed to UBI if they truly were for male sovereignty.  Don’t you think UBI could allow some men to pursue their dreams or at least allow them lives away from frustrating and soul crushing toil?  They are just closet right-wingers who need other men to be lower on the “dominance hierarchy” just so they get a chance to “score some pussy.”


I actually see one achievable path to victory for Men’s Rights in the United States.  If drugs were decriminalized and non-violent drug offenders were released, we would see a significant reduction in the US prison population.  Sure a few women would be set free but far more men would be. Essentially this would be a huge victory for men’s rights.  We wouldn’t even have to get into arguments with mainstream feminists (traditionalists might be a different story.)  One thing that makes this look more acheiveable and less like a pipe dream is that many states are legalizing medical marijuana and a few have legalized recreational marijuana.  We are at a similar place for drug legalization that gay activists were for gay marriage about 10-15 years ago.  Just as society’s attitudes towards gay marriage flipped in the past few years, I think the same thing will happen in regards to drugs.

People like Paul Elam and Judgy Bitch are no allies.  They would just stand in the way.  There’s no point in “returning to patriarchy.”  The “incels” with their cries of “I can’t get laid” are of no use either.  It’s time to fly under the radar and avoid the dishonest liberal/progressives and the regressive right wingers and focus on the low hanging fruit easy victories.  Quite frankly the “old guard” MRA’s, “incels” and MGTOW’s are holding things back.