The real reason I’m MGTOW

First things first, this motherfucker of a post has been sitting in drafts for months. I need to get this outta my system. Apologies if this isn’t the most articulate thing you’ve ever read…

…so I remember being just under 5 years old and hiding under the kitchen table with my sister after Saturday morning cartoons. We looked at each other with nervous smiles. Our parents were fighting again. If we hid, maybe we wouldn’t get hit. We could hear the yelling. Things breaking.

It didn’t happen like the video above, but it didn’t happen like the other stuff you see in the media where a controlling husband is trying to put his wife into place. shit, if you asked me, I woulda said they like to fight. I remember seeing a music video by Prince where his parents fought. But unlike me, he got to hop on a motorcycle with a pretty lady and leave that aweful situation

Now, the “enlightened” among you will say, “How can you trust the memory of a small child?”

My response is Fuck You, I was there…

It didn’t happen the way it’s officially stated….

They were BOTH violent…

They were both selfish parents…

According to TGMP and the psychological community at large, I have the perfect background to become an “abuser.”

Wanna know something, as far as my immediate family, I’m the only one who hasn’t been in an abusive relationship…

MGTOW has saved me spiritually, emotionally and physically (not to mention legally.)

To putt it succinctly, MGTOW has been my survival.

Fuck you to a world that hasn’t given me better and doesn’t want better for me anyways…

Fuck you to a movement that purports to support men but then has some ideologue questioning your masculinity when you refuse to do things his way…

Fuck you to a hate movement that pretends to be a social justice movement.

And FUCK YOU to bullies like David Futrelle and Hugo Schwyzer who willingly throw men like me under the bus even though we haven’t committed crimes but we’re expected to do the time.

…MGTOW and regret…

So, I’ve seen this list before. I think it was at one of Alek Novy’s sites.

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

I think MGTOW embodies this. It is living life for yourself and not the expectation of others…

2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.

Ironically, I just left a job where the carrot they put infront of my face was “career” so I would keep on the treadmill and run faster. As far as people my age, both men and women foolishly (in my estimation) chase corporate careers that can be taken away instantaneously with the next outsourcing.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

Most men are told to sit down and shut the fuck up. Don’t believe me, go to that sewer called the Good Men Project and look how real, living, breathing men are told their experiences don’t matter by “informed” feminist womyn.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

I don’t have many friends IRL. I’ve thought that when I get old, I could very well die alone. This is a reality that faces many men, I don’t know how many have soberly looked that reality in the eyes.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

Laughter is good. So is the occasional beer. Music is awesome.

hahaha, I guess this makes me a libertard…

So, I took this little quiz…

These were the results:


on foreign policy, economic, immigration, domestic policy, healthcare, and social issues

Green Party
Green Party

on foreign policy and science issues


on economic, science, and environmental issues


on foreign policy and environmental issues


on immigration issues

I’m actually surprised by this…

I suppose all the alter-righty tough guys like C.Rudd will want to be my friend now. Thanks, but no thanks. Besides, I don’t fit into the race realism/HBD whine about things because I couldn’t get a real job because affirmative action camp…

As far as I care to delve into politics, drug should be legal, prostitution should be legal. Shit like the draft and Selective Service are egregious human rights violations. I wouldn’t want to murder some little kid in the middle east so scumbags O’Bombya and Bu$h can sit back and watch their oil stocks go up. My feelings on abortion are complex. I feel it is a form of murder no matter what arguments the feminazi’s try to shove down people’s throats. I do also feel that restricting safe access to abortion could cause more harm than good. Even though it may be unethical, there are most certainly times when it is an understandable choice-ie the mother’s life is at jeopardy. I can also understand how a woman who was sexually assaulted wouldn’t want to carry the pregnancy to term. And there are times when some would say it’s the most merciful choice.

…I didn’t vote for O’Bombya or RMoney, don’t blame me…

…looks like “entusiastic consent” only applies to womyn…

So, I found this gross link to femanazi hate site Jezzabel via the always interesting Maggie McNeill.

Apparently this is the Dear Abbey for misandist, “empowered”, bigots…

“Help me out here: how and when do I stick my finger up a guy’s ass? A lot of men think that’s off-limits, so I’ve never ventured back there, but I want to massage someone’s prostate goddamnit! How can I make this work?

-Susie, CA

If you want this to work you’re going to have to be very delicate, and take things slowly. No one wants a dry finger shoved up their butt at random. In my experience, guys are generally more open to new concepts, and trying out new things, when you have their dick in your mouth. (This is because fellatio slows their brain down to a point of temporary retardation, which means their guard is down.) This is why mid-BJ is a great time to bring up things like, “Are we official?” or “Can I please borrow your car and $700?”

So, while you’re sucking, start playing with his balls and then slowly move moving your fingers back in the desired direction. Be conscious of how he’s responding to your touch. If he flinches as soon as you start poking around in that area, that’s not a good sign, but don’t give up hope just yet. Wait a minute or so, then do something fancy with your tongue to distract him and try again, rubbing lightly around the outside of the hole, as not to scare it. It might take a while to “feel out” (lol) if he’s going to be down for butt stuff, but even if your first attempt is a total failure, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s never going to happen. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time, ya know? (To be honest, even if you’re someone who’s generally into anal, sometimes you just don’t want someone back there, like if you have to go to the bathroom or if you’re hemorrhoid is acting up or whatever.) Basically, never give up and remember that with a little perseverance you can do anything you put your mind to, Susie! Just think: it took NASA a long time to figure out Mars, but they never gave up and then finally last month they achieved their goal of DJing a Will.I.Am song from space. #inspirational

Also, this is sort of a no-brainer, but make sure your nails are trimmed and that your fingers have some spit or lube on them when you finally go for it, because intra-anal lacerations are not not glamorous.”

Now, I won’t even discuss how Susie in CA comes across as “sexually entitled” or that if a man demanded a sexual act in a similar way he would be called, creepy, rapey or a subhuman Nice Guy ™ piece of shit.

I will say how Ms. Karley Sciortino never even suggests asking a potential partner about their feelings towards a sexual act. She does acknowledge that the receiving partner could be injured if it’s not handled properly. This is a little more than an excited lover getting a little handsy and their partner pushing their hands away. Sounds like something that should definitely be discussed beforehand. I personally find this act gross and wouldn’t allow it. That’s neither here nor there though. BD & SM isn’t something I know a ton about or have any kind of desire to explore. But from what I do know, people talk to their partners BEFOREHAND because there are acts that could be dangerous if not properly conducted. Why is this different? Oh, I get it, because it is a man on the receiving end. Feminism, not just a hate movement, but a place for hypocrites….

…the man-0-sphere’s obession with fat shaming…

So, I’ll be upfront, larger women aren’t my preferred body type. Call me a misogynist if you must. Yes, I’ve cracked a fat joke or three. Call me a jerk if you must. However…

I really don’t get the man-0-sphere’s obsession with fat women. In Murka, yep, take yourself to any shopping spot and you will see many overweight people of many different ages. In fact, I’m constantly amazed at how I never have to fight for parking at my favorite outdoor locales but the local mall isn’t the same deal. Everyone knows Americans are bombarded with high calorie, low nutrition food choices and there is endless sedentary office work and endless sedentary entertainment for someone who wants that 24 x 7.

But, really, the man who brags he “fucked a fattie from craigslist” is on an internet jihad with his buddy, Matt Forney against fat women. I really don’t understand the anger. Is it a reaction to bigots like Futrelle picking on shy, insecure men with the Nice Guy ™ meme? And as far as Forney and Futrelle, they have shown themselves to be bullies who can dish it out but not take it. Why are they this way? Because they were bullied? Because bullying others is the quickest way to the attention they desire? Because they understand the double standards of society and have a sociopathic streak?

And Roosh, I’m sure he’d be a psychoanalyst’s playground. He’s middle eastern but shits on Indian men with a passion rivaling his hatred of obese women. And since he admitted fucking a fat woman, maybe he fucked–or was it got fucked by some Indian men. Yep, it’s probably a ploy to get in good with that HBD crowd like GL Piggy and Jack Don-0-van. Roosh, every HBD alter-righty’s fave “white guy with a tan.”

A hate movement like feminism has given low status men such as myself a raw deal. But, shit, the so-called man-0-sphere ain’t providing better options.

UPDATE: Apparently, Roosh’s “Craigslist Fattie” article was a joke rather than a confession. Thanks to Grizzly for pointing that out. Oh, well, guess I’m not cultured enough to understand Roosh’s wry, intellectual humor. He needs to borrow that flashing SARCAM button from his good buddy Mr. Manboobz.

…the current MRM is an epic fail…

Here is what I see as the biggest problems of the current MRM…

1.) Not recognizing biological differences between men and women.

Men and women are different. This doesn’t mean that they should be paid differently for the same work or treated differently under the law. However playing the victim card the way feminist have done will not elicit sympathy but rather disgust. Men’s value (whether this is right or wrong is another issue) is measured in their strength and utility. Look at all the men who have gone through a divorce after a job loss. Connect the dots.

2.) Some men are more equal than others…

I’ve seen ideologue Paul Elam rip apart other men who disagree with him with insults towards their status. He’s done this to me personally and also to MGTOW Stardusk. He throws histrionics and refuses to engage in rational debate. This is not someone who should be a leader.

Furthermore, many so-called MRM sites have linked to White Nationalist sites and PUA sites. Do I even have to explain why this is wrong? In PUA dichotomies, some men are lesser than other men–the so-called hapless, incel, Nice Guy ™ Beta’s. Also, how is this Men’s Rights when you’ve got a bunch of weirdo’s pushing off a psuedo science like HBD? How is this Men’s Right’s when those with darker skin aren’t even seen as fully human. Specific examples of this can be found when a so-called MRA like Bernard Chapin promotes Heartiste or AVfM links to a place like Inmalafide. (Yes, I did unfortunately contribute articles to IMF.)

3.) Pushing political worldviews onto the readers.

This has shown itself with early MRM writers pushing a “right wing” libertarian bent. Some may say this was reactionary towards feminist’s left-leaning views. Ironically, now the AVfM crowd seems to be leaning towards Dean Esmay’s “classically liberal” and dare I say marxist worldviews that are strikingly similar to many feminist’s. Apparently there was a big blow out between Chapin and Esmay.

I do believe that it is ultimately impossible to keep politics and different worldviews out of the discussions. However, these arguments poison the well and scare off potential allies.

4.) Postulating “Critical Theory” to explain the complexities of Real Life.

I’ve read theories put forth by Typhon Blue and Girl Writes What. They were interesting reads, however… Just as “patriarchy theory” often creates a closed mindedness in feminists when discussing gender issues, adherence to these theories can also create blindspots. This is similar to the simpleminded dichotomy of “red pill”/”blue pill.” Leave the simplemindedness behind. Reality is a whole other experience.

Now I know you may be reading this and thinking I’ve got allot of complaints but no solutions. And that is a valid observation…

More to the point, I believe if the MRM doesn’t proceed in the right direction it is better not to proceed at all.

As a mixed race man, I sure as fuck am not gonna be “on your side” if you keep on pedaling the “masculine, androphile wisdom” of Jack Don-0-van…

I’ve already gone down the mistaken path thinking the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I regrettably interacted at Inmalafide. That’s a mistake I won’t make again.

I can give a few simple answers that won’t work for all men or even many…

I believe that “opting out” is an incredibly effective strategy. What’s happens when the US Warmachine can’t find soldiers? Look at how the Japanese government is freaking out because of all the “grasseaters.” A young man should guard his utility in this day and age the way a young woman would’ve guarded her chastity in years past.

I believe that there are organizations that aren’t part of the online MRM that do work that benefits men. One is The Innocence Project. Perhaps better to look into these than get drawn into ideologues pointless arguments.

Perhaps that’s not enough. Feel free to leave comments…