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So, like a good man-o-sphere mindless drone denizen, you’ve been reading Roosh V and hitting the hotspots just a little more then you’ve been hitting the gym. Maybe you’ve been worried that you might be “beta” by buying ladies drinks. Well, this article shows what the “bar girls” really think of you.

“We never have to pay covers,” Amy says. “Everyone knows us. They just let us in. Guys pay for all that.”

Yeah, I think I’ll just stick to metal shows….

Seems like this guy knows about male disposability on one level or another; “We were tools in the toolbox, and when things go well they promote it. They inflate their roles.”

He also suggests that the assassination of Osama was great PR for Obama. and then he mentions an unkept promise by a politician, “We never got the call to have a beer at the White House.” Joking with a fellow SEAL, “Hey, did you ever hear anything about that beer?” Walt cracks: “ You believed that shit. I bet you voted for change too, sucker.”

Whether it’s O’Bummer or RMoney, that’s the only thing I got faith in from those well-connected sociopaths–more lies and broken promises…


Via Chuck Rudd a Princeton Professor is unhappy how some misandrists missused her research for their “agenda.” Sara McLanahan states, “Two parents committed to each other and to raising a child together are more likely to provide the economic and emotional security children need. That large numbers of fathers cannot provide economic and emotional security constitutes a serious social problem.”

Yup, coming from a broken home really sucks. But after all, I was a choice, not a child. I better shut up now before the thought police ™ accuse me of mansplainin’. For don’chya know my life experiences are worth far less than their “gender theory” and public funding….

….flirting with death….

When I was 21, I got sick of being alive. I was drinking heavily and life was feeling like a dark tunnel. I couldn’t see any happiness in the future and memories of the past were filled with rage and pain….

Well, I had quite the reputation of having a lead foot. Yeah, I loved driving fast. One day, I was feeling that tunnel of despair more than I could take. I was hurting from last night’s drinking session. I was driving on an icy road. I just felt so fucking angry. I hit the gas and threw the steering wheel. I couldn’t believe how fast the car was going when I hit the guard rail. I fishtailed and hit a ditch. The car flipped over. I thought back to all the times I’d seen car wrecks in movies and thought the car would explode. I unbuckled my seatbelt, fell onto the roof, managed to open the door and wrangled myself out. The tires were still spinning….

Eventually a cop pulled up, he called a tow truck. Said something to the effect of “Black ice’ll get ya every time, I see this everyday.” If the car wasn’t totaled when I flipped it, it sure was when the tow truck flipped it back over again.

Yeah, I didn’t tell my immediate family what was going on, just that I hit a patch of ice. I realized I needed to get out of my living situation, the negativity of the people around me and all the drinking. I know people will say I need to go to therapy, I don’t see the point of paying some asshole over $100 an hour. Heck, if I could afford to pay $100 an hour, this would be more fun. I know what put me in a dark place and it was more important to get off my ass and make changes than to sit around and complain about it….

another slimey, misogynist MGTOW tears apart a whole gender because he can’t get a laid

“If you want men to be more interested in long-term commitment, the best place to start is with fixing women. Women need to learn to be a value-add to the lives of their boyfriends, instead of a burden. Traditionally, men are expected to spend a great deal of time on their women with tasks like paying for dates, listening to them, and initiating/escalating physical intimacy. If women could come to relationships with fewer demands, men would be more interested. After all, men do want the benefits of long-term love. They just don’t want the price to be higher than the rewards.”

Yup, I think whomever said this has a really, really small penis and hates women cuz his mommy wouldn’t let him have a puppy dog or any GI Joe’s. I bet it was some manosphere loser who couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a handful of fifties. Maybe he’s just mad because he is secretly gay and too chickensh*t to get outta the closet….


Maybe, just maybe… I played a prank on y’all…


Well, I was sitting with my friend eating Pho in a divey restaurant….

There was a rambunctious group of people behind us. They didn’t talk much but every few moments, a bunch of laughter would erupt. When I looked back, I realized they were deaf as they made frequent hand motions. I mentioned to my friend that I was a little jealous cause they were having so much fun and we were just sitting there…

I suggested we just randomly laugh….

Our first attempt sounded sinister, like the laugh on the fadeout to Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” That caused me to laugh more. Then we laughed more after that. And more….

Yup, laughing made my mood improve instantly…

I just tried it again and the effect was similar…. Even more fun than cracking open a beer…

If you are feeling a little stressed, just give a laugh like in the video below, people might think you are crazy but so what…

Abortion and Euthanasia….

Well, I think we all realize that abortion is a complex issue….

Yup, on one hand I may not have a right to tell a woman what to do with her body…

However, it seems like the feminists just seem a little kill crazy when they talk about a woman’s right…

And, even worse when someone like Hugo Schwyzer seems to think a man is a subhuman beast who doesn’t deserve to know the true paternity of “his” children…

I ain’t the poster boy for the “alt-right,” not by a long shot…

However, this article by Chuck Rudd kind gets close to my feelings on the topic….

“I always feel that I have to say that I don’t care much either way about abortion. More than the actual life or death of fetuses, I get fired up by the misrepresentation of rhetoric in the debate. I do believe that an unflinching acceptance of abortion – which is what feminists and progressives hope to achieve – fosters a culture of death. Or, a culture that values non-existence over existence.

Even then, at the individual level I do empathize with some women who find themselves in a bad situation….”

Yeah, well something I’ve never understood is how the so called caring liberals can be pro abortion without seeming to consider the choice, uh, child….

And then I’ve never understood those “tough guy” conservatives who shop at Walmart, seem okay sending men to kill and die for oil and then say abortion is murder….

Neither side is a group I’ll throw in with…

Then there’s a whole other topic that doesn’t seem to get too much talk time around the gendersphere–euthanasia…

Well, if your body and mind are yours, then don’t you have the right to end your life at any time?

I suppose there should be prohibitions on it…

I’m sure there are those of us who go through a dark patch of clinical depression and that might seem like a good way out… …but then a few months later, life might seem bearable, enjoyable even. Would suicide be an option many may regret?

Captain Capitalism sounds almost like Creepy Crawly Advocatus Diaboli in this post:

“Fourth, let us talk about death. You are going to die. I know your professors may have told you differently, but then again, I’m sure their arguments against mortality were just as convincing as their arguments for socialism, but I’m so sorry to have to say this, you are going to die. However, unless you get in an accident, it isn’t going to be POOF, you’re dead. There will probably be a deterioration in your health. And that deteriorating period will not be a pleasant time. It will also be a VERY expensive time for you. The vast majority of your medical expenses in your life will be incurred in the last 6 months of your life. The price tag will of course vary, but it can easily be $200,000 or more.

So let me ask you this. You slave away today in your health and youth. And by “slave away” I mean sacrifice your time to build up the money to pay for your last 6 months of life that is going to really suck. And because those last 6 months of your life are going to be so expensive, you have to sacrifice much more time TODAY to work up the money to pay for those last 6 months. To save up $200,000, heck, that’s going to take at LEAST 5 years.

So, if I understand this correctly, you’re going to sacrifice 5 years of your HEALTHY YOUTH to live another 6 painful, rotten, bed-ridden months.

I got a better plan. I call it the “Smith and Wesson Retirement Plan.” It costs only 33 cents. (Ah ah ah. Think it through before knee-jerking a reaction).”

I suppose this is what a businessman would call a cost-benefits analysis…

Or maybe he was just stating the ole rock’n’roll mantra–

“Live Fast, Die Young, Leave a Pretty Corpse…”

the power of the beard….

Well, I’ve done a bunch of different things with my facial hair over the past few years….

I’ve had chin straps, long 70’s rocker sideburns, scruffy beards, soul patches, devil goatee’s, even a neckbeardish thing at one point….

I really haven’t had much of a proper beard though…

So I’ve trimmed up the stach under the nose, trimmed the chiny, chin chin…

Shaved the edges of my neck to create a border between my jaw and my throat….

Shaved the upper part of my cheek but left a little on the lower part….

Trimmed the loose hairs over the upper lip…

Shaved under the lower lip where a soul patch used to be down to where my chin starts….

Strangely, when I looked in the mirror, I don’t quite recognize myself…

I don’t look as much like a rocker as I did before and I don’t quite look like a businessman either…

I’ve been told that women dislike facial hair…. Well, maybe the one’s who hate men with facial hair are women I’m better off not knowing…. Maybe my beard will protect me for misandrist women like garlic from a vampire….

Feminism is not a monolith…

Interesting comment by Ginko….

“When we hear that feminism is not a monolith, this is what it means. It (means) that no, not everyone has the same views, especially the odious ones, but no one is willing to come out and denounce those odioius views and distance themselves from them. And that means there really is no distance between those odious views, is there?

And this is not some impossible standard that no one else is held to. Nationalist or ethnic identity movements sooner or later have to cut their racist elements loose, which is pretty hard for them to do because nationalism is almost always ultimately racist. The only way it really works is if the ethnic pride movement reaches out and advocates for others, especially whatever group they were vilifying. So likewise for a feminist to prove to me she is not a man-hater, she has to at least talk like an MRA.”

Chuck Rudd analysis an article by Amanda Marcotte here.

“People like Marcotte remind us every day that feminists are not monolithic. According to them, one cannot characterize a feminist’s philosophy or values based only on her feminist label. Unfortunately, Marcotte doesn’t extend the same flexibility to MRAs, and she even forgets her leniency for certain feminists. She focuses on four issues and constructs the most extreme MRA argument to support her disdain for the group and posits a soft brand of feminism while pretending that feminism was created for everyone rather than just for women.”

So how come that bigot with the flashing sarcasm button lumps everyone who thinks “men are people too” as a large monolithic group of stupid, red neck misogynists (even the women)?

When Life is like a Videogame…

Well, I was talking to my friend. We agreed that a bowl of Pho would be great. He told me the general location and I was gonna follow him. We were catching the tail end of 5 o’clock traffic and following him wasn’t such an easy task. At one point he made a right turn at a red. I was about to follow. A motorcyclist pulled right alongside me. Sucks, blocked in. Finally caught up, was growing aggravated. Followed him onto the freeway. A grey Prius that looked like his twin pulled in-between us. Got the feeling I was going to lose track of him. About to lose temper. Was ready to pound my fist on the dashboard and cuss out everyone around me.

All of the sudden a strange idea popped into my mind. Why don’t I pretend I’m playing a video game. The goal was to keep track of the Prius, and I never realized ’til now how common they are. Of course it was game over if I crashed so I wasn’t gonna take any undue risks following my maniac friend.

Within seconds, my mood changed from extremely agitated to having more fun than I’ve had in days uh, weeks. No longer were the other cars inconsiderate douchebag drivers. All of the sudden I saw fun in the challenge. More cars delved between us and it was a monumental task to keep track of the Prius. I mean, c’mon, who can tell the difference between a grey Pontiac G6 and a Toyota Prius of a similar hue. It’s not like today’s cars have the sexy curves of a vintage Charger or a‘Cuda.

I finally caught up to the stealthy Prius and drove up alongside in the left hand lane. It was easier to keep track sideways then following behind. I had the tunes cranked-some oldschool Anthrax. We finally veered off to some crowded side streets. I was again alongside my friend, he gave me some instructions how to get to the destination should I lose sight of him. An aggro middle-aged lady in an Acura gave me a dirty look. She cut ahead of me. Then she recklessly made a right hand turn as some shoppers were walking through a cross walk. That was one of the rare times I wished a copper was around.

We safely arrived at the Pho place and ordered two big bowls. We discussed MGTOW or as we called them in conversation migtoe’s. My friend had viewed videos by Stardusk and Barbarossa. At this point, he is probably more knowledgeable about their tenets and philosophies than I am. (Even though for all intents and purposes I may just be one.) We walked over to the nearby mall. I rarely go to the mall so it’s a little bit of culture shock with how out of touch I am. We walked into a Spencer’s and I had not been in that place since the late 90’s. It was really kind of cool as they had Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” blaring. We walked by a Hooter’s type place where buxom servers gave frat boys overpriced and likely underpowered beer. I laughed and said “Would migtoe’s call them mangina’s?”

He responded, “More like wannabe PUA p*ssybeggars.”

I asked, “Are there any record stores here?”

He said, “No one buys music anymore.”

We wound up in a video game shop and I bought Metal Gear used for 99 cents. Haha, maybe Twisted Metal woulda been more appropriate.