The Jack Donovan Question…

…it goes something like this…

A scumbag like Male Sentient Void or Kirea (One of Tamerlane’s sockpuppets) will say….

“Why do you make meme’s of Jack Donovan, you are obsessed with him. It must be because you are secretly gay and want a really big penis up your bum.”

At the same time they are berating my blog, calling me a drug addict (and how come I’m not the one begging for money) and saying that I am not pro-male because my low status has psychologically damaged me. They call me useless but insist I join their worthless “pro male” collective which is anything but pro mixed race men such as myself.

The “story” of Jack Donovan is interesting in the same way the “story” of Harvey Weinstein is. Jack Donovan was able to penetrate (haha funny word choice) the manuresphere the way Harvey Weinstein was able to penetrate Hollywood circles. Some might say “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” But what this really shows us is how corrupt the manuresphere and Hollywood are to allow such shysters important roles.

Back in the day when I tried to work with MRA’s (yes, what was I thinking, how stupid could I be…) I would talk to an MRA called Ginko. He was a white guy and gay. He would whinge for hours about how gays were second class citizens. Yet the second I ever tried to talk about race, his attitude was all “Suck it up buttercup.” Yes he was essentially saying that my problems weren’t real but his problems were more important. He would recommend horrid people like Judgy Bitch. He even praised Jack Donovan on awful Honey Badger’s blog. I left this link to show how bad he is:

His response, “Not someone to preach on being a good man, but who better than someone like that to tear into bigots?”

Do you really expect a mixed race dude to “stand along” someone who is associated with a criminal organization like this:

The fact that I get extraordinarily negative reactions when I post JD meme’s just shows how corrupt men’s spaces are. It’s not just the “right wing” guys. Allot of liberals are racist scumbags:

Yeah, as far as scumbags like Tamerlane, Ginko or Male Sentient Void shouting at me and telling me my problems aren’t real, all I can say is I hope your fake men’s rights movements fail and you get exposed as the fraudsters you are. You do not care about low status men one single bit!

and here is a (f)article from teh SPLC with their golden faucets:

Notice how it’s Jackie D’s “misogyny” and not racism that is the problem… Fuck You liberals!

“I am not pro-male, I am pro-me”

I literally never said these words, but they have been put in my mouth. For someone who wants to do the research, they can find what I actually said. And I will expand on that here. After the failures of MGTOW, there was no way I wanted to be part of some kind of “pro male collective.” MGTOW was supposed to be a leaderless resource where low-status men shared survival tactics. Nothing less and nothing more. Something so utilitarian has nothing for sociopathic narcissists looking to make a quick buck on Youtube. Barbarrossa, Sandman and Stardusk- want nothing to do with them. And in fact, I view them with the same disdain that I view Paul Elam and John the Other.

I would be wary of anyone who claims they are “pro-male” and view them with the same distrust as a feminist or M(h)RA. They likely have an agenda that is against your best interests and will assault you with accusations when you politely disagree with them. Just take being called misandrist, lazy or homophobic with the same humor as being called misogynist and these fuckers will have no power over you.

So with that “I am not pro-male, I am pro-me.” That statement keeps me outta other people’s wars….

I have been working like a dog (what a strange phrase, most dogs I know live lives of leisure) lately. I clock allot of hours at a job I don’t like. I don’t go out much except for the occasional rock/metal show. I dislike being around people. I went on a used car lot and test drove a truck. It was okay. I realized I could buy it free and clear with the cash I had in my money market account. I also thought maybe I’ll just drive the fucker I got now into the ground. And it’s got 200,000 plus miles– haha, the illegals laugh at my beater… A co-worker told me if I cleaned up my appearance a little, I could pick up women on dating websites. I now have enough cash that I could buy women dinners, but that sounds even more demeaning than giving a prostitute money for something she probably enjoys more than I do. Old MGTOW talked about going “ghost.” SCAMTOW e-begged for money on Pooh-tube and patreon in exchange for snake-oil as useless as what PUA’s sold. I would like to go ghost… Or maybe I’ll lose my job, collect UI and drive my beater into the ground.

If you are a normie and you are reading this, and it doesn’t make any sense, well… Good, you don’t want it to make sense. Some things you are better off not knowing. If this does make sense, you have seen the sewer that is “men’s right’s,” “MGTOW” and all that other fake pro-male shit which isn’t pro-male in any way. Sucks to be you. If you don’t like what I had to say, good, I am quite glad that I have a better chance of winning the lottery than meeting you in real life.

…how come it is okay to bash short men???

Advipoops Diapercrapacaoli has an article bashing assholes like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg. Usually I’d be on board cause I hate those motherfuckers. But he is using a common feminist trope, bashing a man for his lack of physical stature. I’ve noticed you aren’t allowed to make gay jokes these days. You can’t make jokes about fatties. But bash the little men all day long and the liberals will laugh right with you. And the king of the manlets, Bill Maher will also laugh with you. That’s because he’s rich and like advocatus diaboli, gets to nail prostitutes. But for a low status short guy, he’s shit outta luck and society blames him for everything…

…the lionization of the bush family…

..if you pay any attention to the lamestream media, you’ve likely seen articles saying that Democracy is being murdered by Terrible Trump. What may be a little less obvious is the lionization of the Bush Clan…

You can see articles like this:

It’s almost as if the media wants you to ignore horrific foreign policy and that fact that your prospects for a good life are less than your father’s…

I guess you could read this for something slightly more “balanced.”

I figure Trump will be remembered like Nixon. Full of scandal but doing less damage to the nation than the people the media tells you are “good.” I didn’t vote for Trump, but I never voted for any Bushes either. And still, liberal assholes like Bill Maher talk down to me…

oh knoes, he has an illegal weapon…

haha, Ironically, never owned a switch blade but I did own a butterfly knife…

So where’s the swat team bustin’ down Jocko’s door for an illegal blade? I do think it’s funny that he’s pointing that around. Some feminist should throw a hissy fit and say it’s a sign for a phallus. What would be even funnier is if Roosh V released a video where he was drinking beer and to show how “alpha” he is began pissing on fire hydrants like a dog. Or better yet, when Captain Capitalism is a liquored up and ranting, he decides to bust out a 12 guage and say “gun safety is for fag liberals” while shooting up his place. I think I have a good eye for “optics” and should charge the alt-reich money for my ideas on how they can show themselves to the world. hahahahhahaa