oh knoes, he has an illegal weapon…

haha, Ironically, never owned a switch blade but I did own a butterfly knife…

So where’s the swat team bustin’ down Jocko’s door for an illegal blade? I do think it’s funny that he’s pointing that around. Some feminist should throw a hissy fit and say it’s a sign for a phallus. What would be even funnier is if Roosh V released a video where he was drinking beer and to show how “alpha” he is began pissing on fire hydrants like a dog. Or better yet, when Captain Capitalism is a liquored up and ranting, he decides to bust out a 12 guage and say “gun safety is for fag liberals” while shooting up his place. I think I have a good eye for “optics” and should charge the alt-reich money for my ideas on how they can show themselves to the world. hahahahhahaa

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