What is the Apex Fallacy…..

“….Apex fallacy is the idea that we assign the characteristics of the highest visibility members of a group to all members of that group. This fallacy has a particularly damning effect on the feminist construct of patriarchy.

Women have looked up, and seen that the top of society is made up of men that hold power. They then attribute that characteristic to all men. The line of thinking goes, all CEO’s are men (mostly true), therefore all men are CEO’s (not even close). Feminists fail to look at the men at the bottom of the pyramid.”

-Absurd Experience

Well, when one sees members of a certain group at the top of a pyramid, they may assume that that is a complete picture of power. However, they are not looking at the bottom of the pyramid. They are not looking at the males over-represented in the death professions. They are not looking at the males who have a higher success rate in suicide. They aren’t looking at the statistics that say that women tend to live longer than men.

At this point, you may be thinking, well, what about the glass ceiling? Is the fact that the Untied States hasn’t had a woman President proof of this? Perhaps. There can be many factors why women tend not to be in the highest rungs on a hierarchy. One may be sexism. Oh, and that’s really complex to determine too. Is that sexism from a group of guys in power trying to keep women out or does it come from other women? Remember now–women are the largest voting block in the U.S. Any discussion that includes the glass ceiling, also needs to include the glass cellar. To do otherwise is to have an incomplete if not dishonest discussion.