some of the grittiest shit I’ve ever read….

goddamnit, I squirmed while I read this….

“Feminism taught me a lot throughout the 80′s and 90′s. It taught me not to question women’s sexual choices. It taught me to treat them with deference and respect. It taught me not to accost them for sex aggressively, but to treat them as human beings. It taught me that i MUST control my shallow, greedy, dangerous impulses but allow a woman the right to indulge in hers. It taught me to be nice for the sake of being nice and not expecting sex in return. To give all my emotional and platonic ability and not dare ask for intimacy in return.”

Bigots like Futrelle and Marcotte will call you a subhuman piece of shit, or is it Nice Guy ™ if you call them out on their blatant hipocrisy. These people are not for social justice or equality, don’t let ’em pull the wool over your eyes….

5 thoughts on “some of the grittiest shit I’ve ever read….

  1. Well, I just celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary… so not every marriage to a feminist is as bad as that guy’s, okay? It may actually depend on the character of the individual feminist… imagine that!

    1. Daisy, I will only get married when I’m 60+ somewhere where polygamy is legal and divorce laws strictly favor men. I will collect a harem of smoking hot 19 year olds from across the globe to compliment my vintage collection of muscle cars. Don’t worry ladies and gentlemen, I’m not after your daughters but granddaughters. (Do I win a prize for creepiest statement of the year?)

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