How come feminist’s hate Nice Guys and MGTOW’s more than Men Who Beat Women?

So let’s ignore the fact that in many cases, domestic violence is initiated by the woman. It is understandable that feminist’s would hate men who slap around women. The average man is bigger and stronger-therefore more likely to inflict damage. Well, how come these two other groups are hated worse?

Nice Guys are failing at a traditional role of masculinity by failing to initiate. If you are a traditionalist who believes in strong and divided gender roles, there is no cognitive dissonance to say that a man who fails to initiate is failing at being a man. But if you brand your hate movement as being about equality, well, then you can’t just turn around and make fun of a man who is failing at the traditionally masculine role of initiator. It brings up a shit ton of double standards. Like if men and women are equal/the same-they should make the same at work. They should take the same risks and ask each other out at equal rates. Instead of answering these questions head on, you might just make fun of these guys but try to make it cutesy-wootesy for the internet by putting ™ behind it. Yup, you might come up with weird rationalizations instead of acknowledging your own hypocrisy.

Now, how come MGTOW’s are hated so much? Mr. Black Pill has an article where he mentions that in many articles about dating advice, if a man isn’t currently successful with women, he should “work on himself” and wait a few years–then he will presumably be cleaning up. As Mr. Black Pill labels it, the waiting men are “the Reserves.” In his words, “A man who has dropped out of the reserves can’t be manipulated by women any longer. This is why giving up on women generates more vitrol from women than men who physically abuse women do.”

Just think about it, a man who has dropped out can’t be shamed. He can’t be controlled. Try telling him he is worthless because he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He doesn’t care about your dick measuring contest. He’s just sitting back with a smirk knowing he’s got more money in the bank. Or maybe he doesn’t but he works far less hours and the money he does have goes into his hobbies. He doesn’t care about expensive diners unless he’s gonna treat himself to one. Now the violent man who slaps around a woman might be a beast but he is still controllable. Femmies might pretend to care about an individual woman who was slapped around but at the end of the day, she’s just collateral damage. A violent man will just as likely turn his violence against another man. Femmies can still use a guy like this to bully other men. He still provides utility even if he is dangerous. The MGTOW has denied utility and the Nice Guy is inert, or to put it another way, “harmless.” Yes, harmless is an insult at one’s so-called masculinity.

Allright mofo’s, thank your mom’s for not being full on feminist’s showing how “empowered” they were by aborting you, leaving you in a dirty toilet or feeding your cold carcass to a filthy scoundrel like David Futrelle. It is Mother’s Day after all….

10 thoughts on “How come feminist’s hate Nice Guys and MGTOW’s more than Men Who Beat Women?

  1. Women abhor male weakness. They are deeply envious of apex male power, but that is different than despising men who demonstrate supplication or subordination of any kind. Thats part of what drives the insanity; seeking to disempower men and then despising the resulting weaknesses in most men that the power redistribution inherently fuels. The rest is just self-loathing for both destroying what they know is the source of their own natural power and beauty in the service of this power-grab and knowing they can never truly embody the raw physical and social power comparable to that of men among men.

  2. Lol, my mother and sisters are full on traditionalists…I’m the only female in my family who’s egalitarian.

    I don’t care if someone is MGTOW, I’ve said as much over at my place. I have no desire to be controlled/manipulated, or to do so to anyone else. Enjoying freedom and singlehood, coupled with an upbringing that praised self-reliance, does that. MGTOWs are my kind of people, especially if they’re happy alone.

    My FwB is a “nice guy”, though thankfully he’s not at all chivalrous. One can be nice while still being an equal to ones partner…True nice guys should be the ones bagging all the chicks, honestly. It’s sad that this is not so, and that relatively few nice guys “get the girl”.

  3. As for “male weakness”;

    Of course men have weaknesses, times of doubt, sickness, instability, depression, frustration, sadness, loss, etc. Males and females are both human, and thus both are fully capable of experiencing the entire range of emotions and limitations that plague our species.

    If one ridicules or is disgusted by male weakness, then they should be prepared to have the same reaction to female weakness.
    It’s only fair…

  4. Feminists hate nice guys because nice guys have noticed that there is a problem where if a woman is not pleased with where a relationship is going she is encouraged to leave and find someone compatible with her desires but if a man is not pleased with where a relationship is going he is told he feels entitled to sex. Yes there are some men out there that do actually feel entitled to sex but its not as bad as feminists make it out to be.

    With MGTOW the issue as you say is that such men have decided to just back out of the dating game. Well since feminists have no problem with women who do the exact same thing they had to find some attack angle didn’t they? Well they came up with projecting a reason why such men back out of the dating game. So now when a guy does go the other way its not because he’s been hurt too many times or he has other priorities or anything like that. No its because he supposedly has assumed worst faith in all women.

    That’s why a few weeks ago when Warren Farrell did his AskMeAnything some feminists simply had to attack him even though he was saying that men shouldn’t be in it for nookie so to speak.

    In the long run I think the problem isn’t so much that feminists hate such men but rather they hate that such men are seeing the problems of society and employing their own solutions without running them by feminism first. There aren’t many things that piss a feminist off more than a man that improves himself outside of feminism.

  5. Great post. Nice guy and friend zone phenomenon is feminism at its best. Only women used to be allowed to complain about the other sex. Now thanks to equality, men can complain about women too.

    To understand feminist obsession with nice guys, you have to understand the underlying ideology of feminism. It’s all about maximum freedom for women, and zero responsibility. Women want to have sex with all the bad boys and then when they get mentally or physically hurt, they want to blame the whole male gender. The “nice guys finish last” complaint wants to make women responsible for their actions, which is of course absolutely not acceptable by feminists.

    So they take a male issue and twist it and turn it into “male entitlement” so they can complain about men once again. Of course there also must be “real” nice guys and “bad” nice guys and feminists will decide what these definitions mean.

    Feminists hate low-status men in general. The incredible bashing, shaming and bullying of nice guys is just another aspect of this. It’s truly sad to see. If anyone had a misconception that feminism was a fair and balanced movement, the war against nice guys has surely waken them up from their dreams.

    Feminism are so frustrated with nice guys but unfortunately the stream of nice guys is not ending. A lot of boys can’t find their natural masculinity anymore in this society and of course we will get frustrated men as a result.

  6. I understand totally cause I know myself that I’m one of the many nice guys , but the treatment of a Feminist has turned me off so bad that I’ve decided to become a recluse. I mean how is a person suppose to get in the mood for intimate relationships when all this un-loving angry women are around? I rather eat a chocolate bar instead of having sex. Sex is bullshit anyway. I’m all for Equality that would be awesome, but so many women have told me that Feminism doesn’t stand for Equality anymore. If men have sex then they are shamed, and if men don’t have sex then they are heckled. So what’s happening to the world???. I’m guessing that the future will be “End of Humans” I’m so looking forward to the Afterlife as a earth roaming ghost to find companionship. All I have to do is piss off the right angry feminist and I’m there. Besides the women that kills me will have amazing lesbian sex in the 3 weeks of jail that I get to watch (one of the perks of being a ghost) and I get to enjoy haunting her til’ she goes insane…Awesome!!! So life is short which is good.

  7. Egalitarian here, and I think feminists and you lot are referring to two totally different things. The term “Nice Guy(TM)” is generally used by most feminists to refer to the type that will go on and whine about how he didn’t get sex even though he was so, so nice (implying that he’d have no problem with being a complete asshole otherwise), and then probably proceed to stalk or threaten a woman because he couldn’t take rejection. I hope you can tell where this is all going. Feminists, just like every other type of woman out there, don’t hate “nice guys” because they’re after “bad boy alphas” or some other shit. They hate “nice guys” because said “nice guys” just can’t tell there are other people in this world besides themselves. People just don’t like associating themselves with those who degrade them. This goes for both men and women.
    I hope I cleared that up.

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