I am an individualist….

…that makes me directly opposed to the alt right and the antifa…

…they are collectivists…

…I’ve realized that as I’ve read the “works” of Jack Donovan and Dickie Spencer, I was filled with contempt and disgust.  Reading their writings was like watching a morbidly obese person crap with the door open and intentionally miss the toilet as they spewed diarrea on the walls and floors and the foul smell assaulted my nostrils. My initial thought was that as a man of mixed race, they hated me and I should hate them back and resist their movement.  I see, upon further introspection, that what I have for them is contempt that one feels for one that is beneath them.  I feel that they are weak.  Weaker even than feminists.  Far weaker in fact.  Donovan advocates for “gangs” of men.  Dickie advocates victim politics, affirmative action if you will, just for being white-not for any accomplishment.

I have been writing for several years now, with this blog and leaving comments all sorts of places.  I don’t have the narcissism to think that my writing holds up as intellectually rigorous.  But what I do feel is that it is the journey of a man who was essentially adrift at sea.  He worked through ideas and even with faulty (at times) assumptions ventured forward.  He could have easily joined up with the man-0-sphere, the M(H)RA’s or the MigTau’s but was as aggressively critical of each as he was of feminists.  It was of a man searching for his own truth and not of being a servant to another’s ideology.

And this is why I hold the Alt Right in such contempt.  When Donovan advocate’s that men join “gangs,” he advocate’s they turn off their brains and become followers.  He advocate’s they become disposable tools to fight another’s war.  Now do you see why he is no friend to men?  Now do you see why a crooked trad-con like Judgy Bitch promotes his “work?”

And this is why I hold Dickie Spencer with such contempt.  He is advocating grievance politics.  He is advocating victimhood.  He is advocating that men become less than what they could be and make their race their most important trait.

Alt Right and Antifa, I hope you go the way of the dinosaur, you are far more useless….


5 thoughts on “I am an individualist….

      1. Andrew Anglin considers himself to be a Christian. If we can find him, chop off his arms and gouge out his eyes, and point out that Christianity forbids euthanasia. Hell is eternal.

  1. All those ‘alt-right’, MRA and “game” promoters are trying to start their own secular cults or religions. Then again, many people are stupid enough to believe in even more ludicrous stories. I mean.. look at the foundation stories of religions from Christianity and Islam to Mormonism and Scientology.

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