Pill Popperz and other assorted Looney Tunes

Well, a few months back, I had to deal with a guy I worked with who was a tweaker. And it sucked, but this post is not about that. Many in the manosphere call themselves “Red Pill takers.” There is this idea that “most guys” are “blue pill” white knight, nice guy beta’s. I think the reason for this is so a bunch of guys can go on blogs with an air of superiority. They can say “Well, I was at work today and my dumb co-worker, a blue pill guy…”

Yeah, I think it’s about creating “in groups” and “out groups.” It’s a little elitist and conformist. Truth is there have always been people out of step with the times and culture at large. Even in the hippy dippy 1960’s Hunter S. Tompson and the Hell’s Angles were some out there mofo’s. The difference is these days you have the internet connecting people with vastly different physical locations but maybe a few similarities in worldviews.

It’s kind of funny, the manosphere as a whole has a bunch of ideologies that don’t even mesh with each other. PUA’s think MRA’s are bitter old men while MGTOW’s think PUA’s are losers obsessed with sticking their love worms in as many places as possible. And do I even have to talk about the neo nazi’s who pretty much try to tag along on any blog where they don’t get called out within 5 minutes. Yeah, how can they even be for men’s right when they don’t even think that anyone with a slightly different skin pigmentation is even human. There’s allot of internet loonies that I’m glad I’ll never meet in real life.

Anyways, the whole concept of one group being “enlightened” by taking a red pill is absurd when the manosphere is not a unified group. As far as I can see there is not one unifying theme uniting all these different blogs. There is not a core ideology. There is not a single unifying belief.

9 thoughts on “Pill Popperz and other assorted Looney Tunes

  1. As you know, Cannabis erectus, I’ve watched the life and times of the manosphere for awhile now and have participated myself where the opportunity has seemed inviting.

    I’ve long laughed at how much some of those factions hate each other so much because I think there is a united purpose that ties them together.

    They are men who recognize the same social problems, but they disagree on what to do and whether to do anything at all.

    What makes them “in” with each other is that they inhabit the same pieces of terrain.

    Most other people don’t exist on their planet. They are “out.”

  2. ” As far as I can see there is not one unifying theme uniting all these different blogs”

    Maybe there is no unifying theme on ALL blogs, but there seems to be one on the majority: hate for modern feminism. It’s hated for slightly different reasons, but it’s there.

    1. even hatred of modern feminism is problematic…

      if you consider “the Art of Manliness” part of the man-0-sphere, well, he has linked to pro-male feminist Michael Kimmel….

      Also some PUA’s have been buddy buddy with feminist Clarisse Thorn…

      add to that MGTOW Barbarosaaa actually agreeing with points made by a feminist against a traditionalist Phylis Schlafly–AVfM’s Dean Esmay also agreed with the feminist POV on this issue regarding “egalitarianism.”

      1. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some feminist points are agreed on. But other than that, I still see most of them hate on modern feminism.

      2. yes, most do hate modern feminism, however…

        it’s more complex than that…

        See Giovanni’s comment above….

        Most bloggers see problems with marriage. Some say avoid (MGTOW) Some say change the laws (MRA) Some say find a good girl (Traditionalists) Some say follow your heart (possibly a PUA as he gets old)

        If feminism ended tomorrow, most problems for men would still be there. I think only the Return of Kings crowd is myopic enough not to see that.

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